The Adventures of Widget

Ok, So I was a little bored in the summer and this just seemed like more fun than watching than X-Factor (not to mention my little Soldering Mate I used at Uni was looking a little forlorn).

Robin Hood Energy Philosophy

This was a short individual project done at the end of an IDEO style research and user orientated project.
In retrospect, I think the outcome of the individual was just my imagination running away from me!

The idea behind this was a small vehicle that was utilised by commuters to fill in the gaps of public transport. It would not in constant use and therefore a waste of valuable urban space in down-time. Therefore during down-time, the vehicle would expel waste energy collected throughout the day, and give it to those who needed it. In this case, (if technology was no object) it would morph to protect and warm the homeless.

Music Types

A few quick renders sketching out forms the vehicle would take on depending on what music was played. I figured that as young people used music as a way of defining themselves, (the clothes they wear, the people they hang out with) it would be a great way to individualise the car.
This way, even though your mum uses it or the shopping run or to pick your little sister up from school, it wont look the same when you want to go to see your mates.

Sketch Spew...

There was a lot going on in my mind having seen the results of the cornflour and water experiment. There are a few sketches on there that I really like, but didn't exactly fit into the

4m long package.


Our Brief was to design a 4m, 4 wheeled, 4 person car
for 'Generation Z'. Figuring that the best way to
research this was to ask an gen-z what they would
want if I were to design a car for them.
I asked my cousin (who's 16 I think!) and he said he would
want a car to look like loud music.
I thought that this was brilliant, but how to do it?! The
resultant video was a bit of a brain-wave from remembering
an old science experiment with non-Newtonian fluids...
(apologies for the low quality)

Megatron's Brother

The second half of the model was basically me attacking the first one with a mallet and chisel, (hitting a lot of blue foam along the way) with only a few rough sketches to go on. When a friends little brother came in and told me it looked like Megatrons' angry brother, I knew I was on the right track!
Quick Origami themed top view

Mid-Life Crisis: The Other Half

A quick origami themed top view

The inspiration for the 'spiny' side came from Origami, which I find fascinating. I just think it's so elegant, and can be taken any way, depending on how you look at it. In this case, I felt the short lines and the sharp surfaces encapsulated the feeling of frustration exactly.

Coventry Mid-Life Crisis

Right, first post... Only logical to start off with some of the older stuff.

This was the start of my final year project (bachelor thesis) in Coventry. The theme was to help people in middle age cope without having a mid-life crisis. The user would touch the car before getting in, and depending on how they touched the car, the car's surface would react. This one is the 'at-rest' mode.